At this point you’ve probably looked through my website and I’m glad to have you here. Music has been such a strong focal point in my life that has led me to learning about communication design and deciding to pursue a degree in it. I can remember being a little kid and hanging out with my family in the living room listening to my parents’ records and being enamored with the album art. Once I had grown and come into my own, I found bands like Black Flag and The Misfits which led me to dive head first into a life of art and music. I started out by playing in bands, designing t-shirts, and screen printing them on top of amps all while making flyers for upcoming shows using nothing more than a pen, some paper, and a Xerox machine. Since then I’ve developed a love for branding, art direction, typography, and illustration, but I will always love the sense of urgency that comes with having such a great idea that you have to draw it out, Xerox it, and get it to the world.

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